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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Alterskye Recruitment Agency we are determined to be the Uk's leading recruitment company on a mission to keep the working world moving. As a human-centric business operating in a virtual world.

Every day we match thousands of talented and eager individuals with new career paths. We hire across technical and engineering, manufacturing, warehouse and industrial, contact centre and customer service, office personnel and public sector all across the Uk. 

Our Story

Alterskye Recruitment was made to help thousands of motivated and hard-working individuals to achieve their dreams and goals. When I was young, I had difficulty in school and did not get the same opportunities as everyone, and I missed out on a lot of my school years. However, this did not put me down or demotivate me, but this did the opposite and pushed me and motivated me to work than ever and harder than anybody to achieve my dreams. So now me and my team work hard to help individuals all across the Uk to also achieve their dreams and the career path they wish to proceed on and develop. But also help them build their way up the company ladder, but doing this in a fun, safe and warm environment to work in. 
Alterskye Recruitment started from my very own home, I was motivated to doing something inspirational and I managed to turn this dream into my hobby, and I started to develop my own company (Alterskye Recruitment Agency) and it was not easy there was hardships, but I pushed through all the difficult times, and I am grateful for having the opportunity to build my very own company and be able to help individuals  all across the Uk.

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